One thought on “A Novel Bookstore

  1. Cara March 4, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    Gosh I love these goals. And like Amanda, I wish I was clever enough to think 12 for 12. I have some similar goals for myself (yoga being one of them). I also need to seek out more alone time. I love quietness but my partner, Di, seeks out noise often. So the tele is ALWAYS on just so she can have sound. This past year we finished a room in our house designated as mine and I need to make better use of it. And I hear you about spending less money on books. I’m using James (Ready When You Are, CB)’s TBR Double Dare to prevent me from purchasing books for at least the first four months of the year. (His challenge is to read from your own shelves until April 1st). If I’m successful, I’m rewarding myself with a huge box-o-books that I have been accumulating via a wishlist on B&N.

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