Three years of books and me

It’s my third blogoversary, yay! For my first blogoversary I baked a cake. My second passed by without me even noticing it. This time I am drinking wine and watching Pointless. Ahem. I should probably do something more bookish.

I did do some reading earlier, though. Or rather I was read to. I don’t think I’ve blogged about this before but I volunteer once a week at a local primary school, reading with a year 2 (age 6–7) pupil. It’s a fantastic scheme organised by local charity Ablaze. Today my assigned small person was very excited because it’s book week! Thursday is World Book Day and the school is making a big thing of it, with a book fair, storytelling and fancy dress. I love that the children are excited about books and in advance of Thursday I wish you all a very happy World Book Day.

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