Lewis Creaven and Patrick Farrell

Sanctum is a project created by installation artist Theaster Gates. He has built a wooden structure inside the bombed out shell of Temple Church in Bristol, and in this shelter from the miserable November weather, for 24 days there is a constant 24-hour-a-day stream of live performances, largely music and poetry. It’s free to drop in at any time.

I’ve managed to stop by four times so far and already seen quite a variety of acts. I enjoyed Glaswegian singer-songwriter Lonely Tourist and girl rock group Forgery Lit. It’s a peaceful setting, even with loud music playing. When night falls, the church ruins are lit and it’s quite beautiful.

It’s a wonderful idea and I do recommend if you’re in Bristol between now and 21 November you stop by Temple Church and see what’s playing.


One thought on “Sanctum

  1. Iordana Ferent November 9, 2015 at 12:42 pm

    I dare to come back and to ask you something: to help me to translate (into Romanian) or to find a synonym for “a reef dream” from Joan Didion’s book, The Last Thing He Wanted which I am reading now. I know the two words, but I don’t know their figurative meaning (if they have one).
    Thank you very much.

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