Sunday Salon: Quiet January?

The Sunday SalonFor most people, January is pretty quiet. You might be drinking less so you maybe cut down on socialising, when the booze might get tempting. You might be eating more healthily after Christmas indulgence so you don’t go out for meals. The weather is nasty and the evenings long and dark, so walks and other outdoor activities are kept to a minimum. Which makes it a great time for catching up on reading books and watching films.

On the other hand, January is also traditionally time for a fresh start: a new exercise regime, a new project at work, an honest look at all those DIY projects that need finishing. Which isn’t so good for the ol’ leisure time.

I find myself in both these places at once. I’ve been able to take on some big books this month, which I usually avoid. I’ve been to the cinema twice (to see Joy and The Hateful Eight, both of which are great) and tomorrow Tim’s taking me to see Matt Haig speak about his book Reasons to Stay Alive. But I also need to work on my fitness, and work, and DIY around the house.

As for that reading time, the last book I finished was The American Language by H L Mencken (which I’ll review soon so you can further judge the bizarreness of the choice!); I am currently reading The Post-Birthday World by Lionel Shriver (I’m a bit undecided but I’m halfway through this 500-pager so I guess it’s keeping me entertained); and as for next? Well, that one I just don’t know. I’m trying very very hard to stick to my deal with myself to, in the words of the hashtag, #readmyowndamnbooks. And also not buy any new ones. (Three bookshops and several charity/secondhand shops and holding strong!) But I don’t yet own Matt Haig’s Reasons to Stay Alive so I will almost certainly buy that tomorrow.

How about you? Share below what you’ve been reading, are reading now and plan to read next.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Quiet January?

  1. looloolooweez January 24, 2016 at 7:43 pm

    This has been a tough month in my personal life so I haven’t done as much reading as I’d intended, but I did start Middlemarch for the Classics Club Women’s Literature thing and I’m almost done with the first book. Wish me luck!

    • Kate Gardner January 28, 2016 at 7:03 pm

      Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough time. I hope it gets better. And definitely good luck with Middlemarch! I’ve never braved it myself but I did enjoy Silas Marner a lot, so maybe one day I’ll give Eliot another try.

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