Cornwall mini-break


Tim and I are just back from a long weekend in Cornwall. It was warm (if overcast), beautiful as always but most importantly filled with a bunch of our favourite people – a group of friends we go to the same beach with every year. That sounds boring but it is comforting, truly relaxing. I only read one book, but then we did squeeze a lot into four days.


There were games on the beach, a clifftop walk that was much longer than planned and then when we’d had enough beach we went for a tour of Camel Valley vineyard. That was a lot of fun, a little educational and proved thoroughly that British wine can be good – very good, in fact.


For our last day we braved the crowds of Padstow to do all the tourist things: eat pasties, play crazy golf, eat ice cream and go for a boat ride. A speedboat ride, that is. So much fun. When we’re rich we’re buying a speedboat.

I hope you’re all enjoying the summer so far (outside of politics, at least). Happy July!

NB I’ll gradually add more photos to Flickr over here. Check out Carla the dog!

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