Autumn walks


Last weekend I went to visit my parents in the Forest of Dean and took advantage of the lovely weather to go for some long walks in the countryside. From Littledean we walked uphill to some fields overlooking the River Severn (above) and from there past Blaize Bailey to Soudley Ponds, which we hit just as the sun was setting (below).


The next morning I took myself for a walk through Lydney Park Estate (below), where there were again lovely views across to the Severn.


I took lots of photos of the gorgeous colours, between the autumn leaves and the misty morning light. It was really peaceful. I should do that more often.


Of course, to get there I had to take some long train and bus journeys, so I got a lot of reading done. Until next time, Coleford.

Morning sky

UPDATE: Apparently I wrote this too late at night and I said I walked to Cannop Ponds, but of course it is Soudley Ponds I went to. Oops!

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