Sunday Salon: Bristol in the snow


It’s almost gone already, but we had a couple of proper snow days here for the first time in years. For those of us who don’t need to drive and can work from home, it wasn’t especially disruptive, and was fun and beautiful. I particularly enjoyed walking around our local park and seeing it packed with people having fun sledging, building snowmen, generally enjoying the holiday atmosphere.


Today I’m a little grumpy because the snow is largely gone, the local shops don’t have any milk in stock, and I hurt my ankle out walking in the slush yesterday. But I can’t grumble too much at spending my Sunday curled up on the sofa watching bad telly, or at spending my Saturday afternoon reading a good book.


Speaking of which, I decided to opt for the highly appropriate reading material Moominland Midwinter by Tove Jansson. It’s the very lovely story of Moomintroll, who like all moomins usually hibernates, waking up in the middle of winter and having all sorts of new experiences and solo adventures.

What are your favourite snowy books?

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