Sunday Salon: Making a list

The Sunday Salon

This weekend my love of lists reached obsessive proportions.

I realised while rewatching The Gilmore Girls that the “Rory Gilmore Reading List” that I had was of every book title mentioned on the show, rather than of books specifically owned by/read by Rory. For instance, there’s a scene where Rory is getting into a state about all the great books out there and how she won’t be able to read them all in her lifetime, and her mother tells her that she needn’t bother with Tuesdays With Morrie or Who Moved My Cheese?, yet those two titles were both on the list.

And this bothers me because apparently I am obsessive about such things. So I am editing the list as I rewatch the show, making sure it only includes Rory books and adding in ones previously missed. The updated list is here, one of my new challenge pages.

What is it about lists that are so appealing? And I don’t just mean giant long book lists (though they do appeal, obviously). I have always enjoyed making lists (particularly if I get to cross things off them, though that isn’t compulsory).

Perhaps all the snow is sending me a bit doolally.


Today I might try to read a little more in-between list updating. What have you been up to this weekend?