Bloggiesta starting post: the spring clean begins

Bloggiesta-S15For those of who already know what Bloggiesta is, yes I am indeed a day late posting this. Oops! (In my defence I was working on my blog last night, I just forgot to write this post first. I was confused by all the WordPress theme choices!) For those who don’t know, suffice to say you’re gonna see some changes around here this week, including a whole new design. (If you’re a book blogger and don’t know about Bloggiesta, do look it up, as it’s a useful prompt to take care of your blog.)

As always, Bloggiesta begins with a to-do list and here is mine:

  1. Back up blog (all of it, not just the posts).
  2. Choose new WordPress theme.
  3. Tweak new theme and install it.
  4. Tidy up my reviews by author page.
  5. Comment on lots of other blogs.
  6. Take part in the Bloggiesta advice challenge: post about the best blogging advice I ever received.
  7. Take part in at least one Bloggiesta Twitter chat.
  8. Look into switching to using WordPress’s Read More tag (this would save me time as I currently hand-create an excerpt for every single post).
  9. Remove my blog’s admin user to make it more secure.
  10. Read. I’m in the middle of three books at the moment. I really should try to finish one of them this week. Maybe even write a review! This means less bingeing on TV…

So that’s my aims for the week. Do let me know if you’re joining in, or even if you’re a blogger who has experience of any of the above and can offer some advice. Happy Bloggiesta!