Summer Book Bingo

This is yet another belated post, as I was meant to publish this on Memorial Day weekend (that’s the spring bank holiday for my fellow Brits, the one a couple of weeks ago). Anyway, the fab folks at Books on the Nightstand have for a few years now been setting a Summer Book Bingo challenge. You go to the website, generate your own unique reading bingo card, and set about trying to read books to complete a row or column on the card by Labor Day, which is apparently 7 September. I love this idea and have decided to join in this year, so here is my card:


Of the books I have read since 25 May, Heat Wave is written under the pseudonym Richard Castle and The Book of Strange New Things is both science fiction and has six words or more in its title, so I can choose where to count that one. (I lean towards the latter option as that gives me two ticks in one column already, but on the other hand do I really want to read something written before 1700 this summer? Hmm.)

It’s a fun way of choosing what to read next. Are you joining in this year?