Gilmore Girls returns!

gilmore-girlsThe news that Netflix is going to revive Gilmore Girls with a series of four feature-length episodes written by original creator and producer Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino has got me pretty excited to say the least. While, like everyone else I am curious to see who will be back and what developments will have happened in their lives in the last 8/9 years (and whether they map what I imagined for the characters), I am also looking forward to a general revival of interest in the original TV show, so that my fandom doesn’t seem quite so out of date!

I am unapologetically a Gilmore Girls fan. I don’t own any merchandise but I recorded every episode off the telly and have watched them all…well, a lot. Now this may seem a decidedly unbookish topic for a book blog (though it’s my blog and I’ll write about whatever I want to) but Gilmore Girls might be the most bookish fictional TV there ever was. In fact, it’s so bookish that there are countless reading lists out there based on it, including my own version of the Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge in which I have attempted to list every book read in the show by Lorelei or Rory. And let’s not forget that the show’s star Lauren Graham is a bona fide author (of a book that has been languishing on my wishlist since it was announced).

Beulah Delaney even took the reading list beyond the show itself and speculated what Rory might have gone on to read after the series ended – a question we may soon get some answers to!

If you’re curious about the details of the new series, the best article I have read is this one from The Daily Beast, not least because it mentions the one actor who definitely won’t be returning: Edward Hermann, who sadly died last year. (He also starred in top 80s film The Lost Boys if you’re wondering why he seemed so familiar in Gilmore Girls.)

In the run-up to the new series I will of course be re-watching the show (and no doubt while I’m at it updating my reading challenge list whenever I spot previously missed books on the set). If you have Netflix (or the DVDs or obsessively recorded all the episodes like me) you can join me. Who’s in?