Another year, another stats post

christmas-tree-2015Happy New Year’s Eve! I have about an hour before I go out for party party fun times (board games and chilli) to rattle through my annual stats. Well, I find them interesting, even if no-one else does!

In 2015 I read 91 books according to Goodreads, 85 according to my spreadsheet (I think I got a bit lax about recording comics at one point). Which means these stats aren’t quite accurate, but close enough. 37 books were by women and 5 were by a man and a woman, so that’s a pretty even split. 10 were works in translation and 16 were by authors from a country other than the US and UK. Only 8 were classics from my Classics Club list, so I have some catching up to do there.

I’ve just spent a lovely day buying and building a new bookcase with my Dad and his girlfriend, and loading it up with my TBR. I haven’t yet picked my first book of 2016, but I think I have weeded out enough of the old that I am excited by every single book waiting to be read, which is after all how it should be. I’ll post about my TBR cleanse in the new year, hopefully with added photos!

I hope you have a great New Year’s Eve and wish you all the best for 2016.