World Book Day 2016

Happy World Book Day! Every child went to school today dressed as their favourite book character and 14 million children in the UK and Ireland have received a £1 book voucher. (There are 10 special £1 books for the occasion, or they can just get £1 off any book they like.) It’s a fantastic celebration of books and reading and I really feel that as a book blogger I should contribute…something.

I am hugely behind on book reviews, having finished no less than three books this week, but I’ve been unwell and full-of-cold brain is not conducive to good writing. I’m sure all the top journalists say the same.

But what I can still manage is to write about the four new books I gained this last week. Because this post is mainly pictures and even ol’ snuffles here can take a couple of photos.


On Sunday Tim and I did a little shopping, which included a trip to Bristol’s Forbidden Planet. I treated myself to the next volume of Sandman by Neil Gaiman et al, as well as the second hardback collection of Hawkeye by Matt Fraction et al. I had actually already read all of the latter digitally but it’s such a beautiful series I felt it deserved the reverence of paper.


We always do a fly-by visit of charity shops so Tim can investigate the cameras and I can check out the books, but I’m usually pretty good at resisting buying anything. However, I need more funny in my life and Sue Perkins is funny so I figured I’d give her memoir Spectacles a go.

And finally, I got my first And Other Stories book of 2016. Lunatics, Lovers and Poets: Twelve Stories after Cervantes and Shakespeare edited by Daniel Hahn and Margarita Valencia. It looks excellent and I look forward to reading it.

What books have you bought lately?