Musical interlude: The Heavy

Last week was an especially musical time in the life of Kate and Tim. On Wednesday we went to see The Heavy, a rock band from Bath that Tim’s been following for a couple of years without me paying much attention. Their live show was phenomenal and I am now totally on board. A few of their songs were used in adverts a couple of years back so you may well find you recognise some of their stuff if you look them up.

Friday morning found us awake at 6 a.m. – that’s an hour and a half earlier than usual; we are not early birds – so that we could go and queue to buy tickets for the Massive Attack gig on Clifton Downs announced just days beforehand. It was a total success – nice weather, nice crowd, tickets obtained – but I had to break my usual one-coffee-per-day rule to get through! (Shout out to Hayles who brought me a coffee while I was queuing after I complained on Twitter that I needed some!)

Friday night found us dancing our socks off to live music again, this time to the Dandy Warhols (which I think reveals our age bracket more accurately than the above two bands!). The atmosphere was amazing and I loved seeing Zia McCabe rock out to every single track. She basically had to be escorted off the stage at the end as she clearly didn’t want it to end. And neither did we.

Sadly we do not have live music plans this week, so I’ll have to make do with YouTube. Here’s a taster of The Heavy. Enjoy!